Non Rs to RS Headlight Harness (2014-15)
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     For those with 2014-2015 Non RS Camaro's that are looking to install 2014-2015 RS headlights into your car, this is the harness needed for the conversion.    This harness will disable your headlamps as your drl's and utilize the halo's as drl's, just like a true RS car.  We have 2 version's of the harness. One is a dimming halo version and the other is a non dimming halo version.  A true RS car will have the halo's on bright during the day and dim down slightly at night.  Please select harness accordinally to the function you prefer.   For those with LS models, that are also interested in adding foglights to their car, we also make the headlamp harness with a built in foglamp harness.  Please see  "Non RS to RS Headlight Harness (2014-2015)(With Foglamp harness).

  • Item #: Gen5-006

Non Rs to RS Headlight Harness (2014-15)

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