Non-RS to RS Headlight Harness (2010-2013)
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If you have installed RS headlamps in your 2010-2013 non RS Camaro, this is one of our harness options that will allow them to work.  This harness will allow your headlamps to still be your DRL's, unlike a true RS car which has seperate DRL's.  Our number 2 harness allows for this function.   With this harness you may experience flickering in your headlamps while in DRL mode.  This is "normal" due to the fact that there is not a full 12 volt signal to the headlmap while in DRL mode.   This harness plugs into your old connector and the other end plugs into the new headlamp.

Gen5DIY also has the RS headlights, if needed.

There are 2 ways you can wire the Halo portion of the headlight to work:

  1. If you want your halos to come on any time the car is on, then you will need to use an add-a-fuse kit and add it to #15 under the fuse box.

  2. If you only want your halos to come on when your headlamps are on (factory way), then T-Tap into the 2nd of 3 wires in the turnsignal light on the same headlight.


  • Item #: Gen5-007

Non-RS to RS Headlight Harness (2010-2013)

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