Center Caps
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Price includes all 4 caps, these are the stock camaro center caps

please allow 7-10 business days to get ready to ship, all order are painted to order. 

Custom Painted OEM Center Caps, 3 areas to be painted, 1. Center Cap Area, 2. outer bowtie ring area 3. Center Bowtie area. 

1st pic is an example, Center Cap area remains chrome, outer bowtie ring is blue and center bowtie is black, finish is gloss. 

8th pic is, Center cap area is red, outer bowtie ring is white and center bowtie area is white, finish is gloss

2nd pic is , Center Cap area is black, outer bowtie ring is pink and center bowtie area is black, finish is flat (matted) pic 2 is flat also. 


  • Item #: RCC-059
  • Manufacturer: RiverCityCreations

Center Caps

Price: $92.00
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