C7 Corvette Custom Painted Engine Cover
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The 2016 engine cover is way more expensive compared to the 2010-15 engine cover. this cover is over $200 for the 2 side pieces and the center piece. 

Prices start at $200 for Painting Srvices on your sent in engine cover, you can choose also to purchase a new cover if you would like to for an additonal $220. 

Using the above picture as an example

Center section is white, fuel rail are black, and lettering is red. 

Once ordered, please allow 10-14 business days to get ready to ship

If you have any questions you can email me at lupe@camarocustoms.com or call 210-414-7873

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  • Item #: RCC-801
  • Manufacturer: RiverCityCreations

C7 Corvette Custom Painted Engine Cover

Price: $200.00
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