Auto Shifter Handle
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This is an OEM Auto Shifter handle, we sand, primer, sand smooth, paint and clearcoat. 

NOTE this is the auto handle only, does not include any trim or bezels

Choose stripe option or no stripe 

1. no stripe, leave solid color only 

2. Single Stripe down center all the way back, see pic 5 red handle with black stripe

3. Single Stripe then wrap around back, see pics 1 and 2 (does not include the transformer logo) 

4. Dual Stripe wrap around, see pics 3 and 4 

Price is outright, no cores needed. please allow 7-10 business days to get ready to ship.  

  • Item #: RCC-046
  • Manufacturer: RiverCityCreations

Auto Shifter Handle

Price: $175.00
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