ACS Rear Decklid Interior Cover
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The ACS Rear Decklid Interior Cover Liner replaces your stock felt liner for coupe Camaro's.

Complement and contrast your Camaro colors with a paintable, smooth trunk liner via ACS' RTM composite material. Integrate optional LED lights (single or dual) to help you sort your luggage on dark roadtrips and, of course, to showcase your Camaro trunk emblem.

The Deck Lid comes Primered from Manfacture, ready to sand, prep and paint by your local paint shop. If you would like for us to paint it please email me for a quote and i can send you a paypal invoice to get this done


*ACS products are dropped shipped directly to you from ACS

  • Item #: ACS-33-4-069
  • Manufacturer: ACS

ACS Rear Decklid Interior Cover

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