2014-15 Camaro RS ColorSHIFT Halo Headlight Kit
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NEW! Direct-Replacement circuit boards from ORACLE Lighting allow you to easily change your white factory DRL Halos to ORACLE ColorSHIFT® Halos. The colors are controlled wirelessly from the remote control included with the kit.

Optional: Upgrade your Remote control to ColorSHIFT® V2.0 or ColorSHIFT® WiFi.

2014-15 RS Halo Kit Includes: 

•(4) ColorSHIFT® Replacement Circuit Boards 
•(8) M4 Nylon Circuit Board Spacers 
•(1) Basic RGB LED Controller w/ Remote 
•(1) DIY Installation Instructions

Not included: Don't forget to order your ORACLE Headlight Sealant with your kit to insure a quality seal!

Here is a quick video demo of the assembled headlight with the new ColorSHIFT® circuit boards installed. 
*Because of the optics in the factory diffusers from some angles the lights look a bit "blocky" similar to the way the '14 RS Halo parking lights look when you see them from certain angles.

  • Item #: AAC-016
  • Manufacturer: Oracle

2014-15 Camaro RS ColorSHIFT Halo Headlight Kit

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