2012-15 ZL1 badges
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These are OEM ZL1 badges, please note if the badge is for the grill, trunk or hood. Each ZL1 badge is $64.50, if you want all 4 (2 hood, 1 grill and 1 trunk) please select qty 4 and then note the location of ea. 

1. Choose the color for the chrome area, all pics are black on the chrome area except in the 4th pic where the chrome is red. you may also choose to leave the chrome and only do the inner part of the "1" a color of your choice. 

2. Choose the color for the inside of the "1"

3. Choose the finish for the emblem (gloss, semi gloss/satin or flat/matted) 

NOTE: Gloss is the same finish as you car paint. 

4. Finally please note the location of ea of the emblem/s you are purchasing whether 1, 2,3 or all 4 (2 hood, 1 trunk and/or grill) 

5. Please allow 7-10 business days to get ready to ship, all order are painted to order. 

  • Item #: RCC-030
  • Manufacturer: RiverCityCreations

2012-15 ZL1 badges

Price: $64.50
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