2010-2014 5.3L & 6.0L Tahoe Intake System
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Maximize your Truck or SUV's performance with our high performance cold air intake system. Our CAI surpasses the competiton with superior quality, and achieve outstanding performance gains that are backed with accurate real world testing conditions. 


All of our Cold Air Intakes are manufactured in our home state of Michigan, and we only utilize USA suppliers and materials. Our Air boxes and intake tubes are constructed of high quality aluminum, are TIG welded by hand, and then go through our in-house Powder Coating process for a durable and professional finish. Every Air box has an applied insulation on the interior, and every intake tube has an interior thermal coating, these additional insulating measures that we take reduces heat soak from the engine bay to keep your intake air flowing as cool as possible.  The removable lid is held in place with Stainless Steel spring loaded ¼ turn fasteners, making lid removal quick and easy, and our plexi-glass filter inspection window gives you instant visual access to see the condition of your air filter. Our air filter comes pre-oiled from us and requires no additional work on your end prior to installation. Aside from providing excellent filtration, we engineer a velocity stack and smooth bore tube stop on every filter to ensure that airflow is at a maximum and turbulence in minimized. If you are looking for the best CAI available for your vehicle, you have just found it, and we back it with a Lifetime Warranty and the best customer service in the industry.


This is a direct replacement for the OEM air box. No modifications required: **ONLY FOR VEHICLES W/ ELECTRONIC COOLING FANS**

  • Item #: CAI-012

2010-2014 5.3L & 6.0L Tahoe Intake System

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