2010-2013 Front Lighted Bowtie
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This is the Camaro Front lighted bowtie

Fits right into the 2010-2013 Stock Grill, 2012-2015 ZL1 grills will need to drill a 1/2 hole to run the wires through

Does not fit 2014 or 2015 non-ZL1 models.

Connection is basic, 2 wires, positive (red) and negative (black). you will need to add necessary black wire to the bowtie and Run the Black wire to ground. Add red wire to bowtie and Run the Red wire to any 12 volt power source, fused power recomended, you can run the power wire to a running light or to a switch or wireless remote. 

Each lighted bowtie custom made when order is placed, please allow 10-14 business day to get it ready to ship. 


See more here on camaro5, also videos posted here




  • Item #: RCC-054

2010-2013 Front Lighted Bowtie

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